I SEE NO COLORS - Bob Edmund (1969)

The year was 1969.  A man walked on the moon, Bob Edmund made an LP record album, and I was born.  

BLACK ROSES - Jim Paquette (1988)

I had a four track cassette recorder, access to a Xerox machine, and four songs I was proud of at the time.  

MUDD - Jim Paquette (1994)

Learning to live in a new state, learning about COREL DRAW, and learning about the Ensoniq TS-10. 

RADIO HELL - Jim Paquette (1996)

The end of the cassette era for me.  That's a picture of the J-Card.  You fold it and put it in the cassette case.  I can actually listen to this one all the way through.  It's was the last time I'd put together a collection of non- silly songs for a while.